Future Profits from Past Customers

Most businesses focus on prospecting, marketing and expanding their customer base. If that describes your business, don't overlook the value of your existing customer base - and the role that email can play in staying in touch.

It is expensive to prospect and to develop new customers from scratch. Advertising, sales calls or telemarketing, and the customer's vendor approval processes all make new client development time and cost intensive.

Your existing customer base, however, is an asset that you already own. Email campaigns can help you extract new value from that asset.

Your existing customers have huge economic value to you for several reasons. They're "fully developed" as opportunities. They know your company and they are familiar with your company, your products and your staff. The customer already has goodwill toward you. And your customers already use your products, so there may be latent cross-selling and up-selling opportunities available, as well as re-supply of consumables, or new versions or revisions of products that your past customers can use.

If you have only focused on individual sales to new customers in the past, then you may be ready for a change. You should consider how you can move from a "transaction focused" sales model that emphasizes one time individual sales, to a "relationship driven" model that extracts value from these proven customer relationships in an ongoing series of interactions.

Email is a primary tool for maintaining and enhancing these customer relationships. In this installment we will give you some ideas for using email campaigns as an effective, low cost tool to leverage your existing customer base.

Why Email Follow-up?

One of the primary reasons for slowing of repeat business is that your customers simply forgot about you.

Why? Because they never heard from you after their order. This is exactly why some businesses send mailings such as catalogs and flyers.

One primary reason that email campaigns are an attractive proposition for existing customers is because you already have a business relationship with the customer. Simply put, you can email them with information or new offers legally. Anti-SPAM laws will generally not apply to an existing relationship. (This is not legal advice. Please research the applicable laws and regulations governing email for your jurisdiction. And, never irritate your past customers! Make removal from the email campaign easy and quick.)

What Should Go Into an Email Campaign?

This is a big subject, and one that we will cover in detail in the future installments of this letter.

Briefly, there are two main categories of corporate email outreach:

- Offers and Corporate News - sales oriented copy: specials, temporary price reductions, and other campaigns that attempt to create customer interest that leads to new purchases, license renewals, sales of new models or versions, etc. In short, you send customers notices of sales, and you send "coupons" to customers.

- Informational - containing news, observations and discussions. This type of email does three things to help your business. First, the information supports your company's image in the customer's eyes as their champion and partner, by providing useful information. You are a "good guy" for helping. Second, a newsletter can be used to personalize your company to your reader. Third, the news items that you include in your emails can create fresh demand for your products and services, by recommendation of new tactics or tasks that will benefit your customer.


A well crafted email campaign to existing customers is a very modest investment of your time and money, that can pay huge dividends to your business. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to see us explore how email campaigns and newsletters can support your marketing effort.

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How to spy on a mobile phone

In today's world, the mobile phone is the same ordinary thing as a TV or refrigerator. The first mobile phone models had a standard set of functions – calls, SMS, alarm clock, calculator, and clock. But today, it is simply impossible to describe all the possible features of this device: video cameras, players, Internet browsers, games, e-books, dictionaries and much more. Some smartphone models are successfully replacing tablet PCs and laptops, and allowing for smooth use of the Internet. Thanks to technological progress, mobile phones are becoming "smarter".

There are so many reasons why a lot of people are acquiring modern aides such as smartphones or tablet PCs.

The so-called spywares have been of wide distribution recently. These applications are installed on a phone and allow you to remotely monitor activities on that phone such as incoming and outgoing SMS, call logs, contacts, location coordinates, etc.

One can argue about the ethics of such applications and the legal liabilities of installing such software modules on another person's phone. However, it should be recognized that there are situations where such actions are absolutely necessary. For example, many people are familiar with the situation where when there are suspicions that your spouse or partner is having an affair with someone else, and worst still, such suspicions grow from day to day and make life miserable for you, and you want to finally learn the truth. Another example is when a child gets into a bad company and the parents do not know where he is at the moment and what he is doing. In these situations, such applications are simply irreplaceable. In most of these cases, ignoring the problem makes the situation even worse.

Such programs work in the same way: when installing the application on a phone, the user is usually prompted to enter his email where he will be receiving the information he needs from the phone (SMS, call logs, contacts, etc.), or a username and password will be sent to that email, which will be used for logging in at the website of the application to check all the necessary information from the phone under your account.

Such spywares are at present available for almost all mobile platforms – Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and others.

As of today, Android operating system is perhaps the most accessible and it is quite a user-friendly software. Thanks to its focus on the mass audience, Android currently commands the highest popularity in the global market.

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Funny Apps of the iPhone 4s

If you enjoy jokes then 18,000 Cool Joke apps are just waiting for you. With 18,000 jokes under 49 categories this app is reputed to have the best collection of some of the funniest jokes ever. These hilarious jokes can certainly cheer you up when you are bored or feeling low. You can tag the jokes you like the most under the favorite option and you can also share them with your friends via e-mail. The newer version costs $0.99 and lets you share jokes with friends on Facebook and Twitter. It also shows the joke of the day and lets you select the length of the jokes.

The Fat Booth, Aging Booth and the Bald Booth available for only $0.59 each offer unlimited entertainment as they transform plain pictures into funny ones. You can catch a glimpse of the future with this app. If you want to find out what you would look like with an extra 40lbs and a generous double chin then let the Fat Booth morph your photo. The Aging Booth adds sixty years to the photo by giving you grey hair, wrinkles and a lousy complexion. The Bald Booth simply adds a circle on top of the head showing you what you would look like with your mane gone. You can get a funnier picture by using all three booths and produce a fat, bald, old picture of your friend or yourself. Or you can swap faces on the pictures with the iSwap app. This app works on pictures having two people in it. You can then switch each other’s face for a good laugh.

The Zombie Booth is another funny app which morphs the photo turning the person into a hideously funny zombie. This app gives a real scary 3D zombie affect to the pictures and the zombies scratch and swipe and makes those scary zombie noises as you tap on the screen.

With the Voice Changer Plus app you can change your voice in a number of ways. There are around 40 options such as Guitar, Organ, Robot, Underwater, Whisper, Haunting etc. You can choose a voice, record your message and play it back later. You can use these recorded messages as ring tones and also share them with your friends by e-mail.

The Funny Call is another absolutely amusing app which guarantees side splitting humor. You can use this app to freak out your friends or to get even with your enemies. You can pick from the numerous voice effects and change your voice. Imagine calling your boss sounding like a chipmunk or sounding as an alien when calling an annoying neighbor. This app is great for practical jokes and you will double up with laughter every time you try it.

See our Authors box below for more exciting news and great information of where to get the best deals on iPhones.

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How To Select The Best Printer For Your Needs

There are a couple of things you need to first understand before you purchase a printer. They include;

1. Whether it is LaserJet or Inkjet.
Both LaserJet and Inkjet printers have advantages and disadvantages.

Inkjet printers are cheaper to buy than LaserJet printers. They also have very good quality print outs. However, the cost of maintaining an Inkjet printer is very high. Also, Inkjet printers make a lot of noise while printing and are slower than LaserJet printers.

LaserJet printers are expensive when buying but very cheap to maintain. Their print quality is very high and they make less noise when printing. They print faster than Inkjet printers.
2. All-In-One or Print-only.
The next thing you need to consider is whether you just want a print-only device or you need to scan copy fax and print.

Print-only printers are cheaper than All-In-One printers. However, they have limited functionality.

On the other hand, All-In-One printers have scanners, copiers and printers all put in one device. They are a little bit more expensive but very handy especially in an office setting. All-In-One printers also save space as they contain three different devices in one.

Some All-In-One printers have fax. When getting an All-In-One, always confirm if it has fax as not all of them have fax. In most cases All-In-Ones that have fax are more expensive.
3. Print Or Scan Quality.
Various aspects of print and scan qualities can be compared between different models. Print resolution is usually measured in dots per inch (DPI). The higher the number of dots per inch the better the printer.

Inexpensive inkjet models usually generate black-only prints at least as high as 600x600 DPI. Color models, meanwhile usually start as high as 4800x1200. Laser jets, meanwhile, typically produce
1200x1200 DPI or better black-only prints and 1200x600 or better color prints.

Scan quality is measured using both bit-rate and DPI measurements. If scanning is an important feature,
seek an all-in-one device that offers optical scan resolutions of at least 600x1200 DPI and at least a 24-
bit scan rate. Again, higher numbers are better (a scanner that boasts 36- or 48-bit technology will
produce even higher-quality scans).
Be sure to consider the differences between an inline scanner, in which 8.5-inch x 11-inch pages are
easily scanned by passing them through a sheet feeder, and a flat-bed scanner, in which odd-size
documents can be easily scanned just by placing them on the glass. In environments where multiplepage documents will frequently be scanned, ensure you select a model that boasts an automatic feed
4. Network Capabilities.
The days where parallel cables where used to connect printers to computers are long gone. In fact, most laptops nowadays do not even have parallel ports. Most printers nowadays are connected to computers via USB cables.

Many printers now boast integrated wireless LAN connectivity. Other models feature embedded network interface cards, making it possible to connect printers to a local area network via a
standard wired Ethernet cable, and thereby usable by multiple PCs simultaneously. Still others feature integrated Bluetooth support, which makes it possible for laptop users (among others) with Bluetooth functionality to print wirelessly without the requirement that a local area network even be present.

When reviewing a printer or multifunction device purchase, be sure to consider your organization’s needs. If multiple users will need to access the printer or all-in-one’s scanning functions, network-equipped models can eliminate the need to purchase multiple units or configure a single PC to host print services for other systems. If many users access the
local area network wirelessly, be sure to consider a printer model that also includes WLAN connectivity.

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How CRM hosting becomes beneficial to our business process?

A type of application that often pulls much of its data from the organization’s data warehouse is customer relationship management (CRM). A CRM system attempts to provide an integrated approach to all aspects of interaction a company has with its customers, including marketing, sales, and support. The goal of a CRM system is to use technology to forge a strong relationship between a business and its customers. To look at CRM in another way, the business is seeking to better manage its own enterprise around customer behaviors.

A variety of software packages have been created to manage customer relationships, most based on capturing, updating, and utilizing extensive profiles of individual customers. These profiles are often stored in a data warehouse, and data mining is used to extract relevant information about the firm’s customers. Furthermore, customer profiles are made available online to all those in the company who might interact with a customer. In addition, Web-based frontends have been created so that a customer can interact with the company online to obtain information about products and services offered by the company, to place an order, to check on the status of an existing order, to seek answers from a knowledge base, or to request service.

CRM software packages enable organizations to market to, sell to, and service customers across multiple channels, including the Web, call centers, field representatives, business partners, and retail and dealer networks.

The capabilities of CRM tools can further be increased by hosting it on our own hosted platform or by getting service with any application hosting provider. Hosted CRM helps us to have access from anywhere and anytime, that ultimately becomes very productive if we have frequently traveling employees. CRM hosting also works perfectly with a business that is spreaded in the form of many branches located at different physical locations. If we host our CRM using by any service provider, we get unlimited free technical support. Hosting provider also takes care of different IT aspects like: daily data backup, security, updates, installation and uninstallation, upgrades and technical supports.

Hosting providers use cloud computing to deliver hosted CRM software. Cloud computing increases the performance to have a fast infrastructure resources. Cloud based CRMs are even cheaper than the locally setup CRM tools. We can further derive our hosted CRM platform setup to host our other software or associated tools. This way, we can get a combined setup for our entire office needs and that is accessible from anywhere and using any device like: PC, MAC, notebook and smartphones.

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The Benefits of Cloud Computing

There’s an awful lot of discussion about the benefits of cloud computing – and not a whole lot about what it is, exactly. So how can you know if cloud computing technology is something that will actually be useful to you, if the very definition of cloud computing is as nebulous as its namesake?

If you’ve ever asked yourself "What is the cloud" or "How does cloud computing work," then this is your lucky day. The following information was compiled to help readers understand the most basic elements of Microsoft cloud computing, and the advantages of taking to the Cloud.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing technology is one you’re already familiar with if you use Gmail, Yahoo or AOL for your email. The cloud is a term used to describe the online networks where you work and play. In other words, the cloud is the place that holds all of your stuff – things like calendars, pictures, music – so that you can access it at any time. If you use social networking sites, you’ve already discovered the benefits of cloud computing for personal pleasure.

How Does Cloud Computing Work?

Actually, it’s pretty simple. A computer user subscribes to a cloud-based storage company, and then "sends" the information to that company. So instead of saving anything on your own personal computer, you’d save it on the online network run by the storage company. (One the benefits of cloud computing is that your own computer stays uncluttered, because all of your information is stored somewhere else.) Then, when you wish to retrieve that information – as in, you wanted to listen to your music or look at pictures, or you needed a particular spreadsheet or document – you’d either A) have the information sent to you from the storage company, or B) access the information on the network yourself.

Are there economic benefits of cloud computing?

Absolutely. The economic benefits of cloud computing are especially clear for business owners, because it can almost completely eliminate the cost of software. Owners who use computers not only have to purchase the actual physical machines, but also the software programs that run on those computers. With cloud computing technology, an owner can use the network to run applications that normally have to be purchased. This can save an owner thousands of dollars, while allowing for additional choices in terms of providers.

What Can Cloud Computing Technology Do for Me

In a word? EVERYTHING. The basic tenet of Microsoft cloud computing is that multiple networks are faster, stronger and better protected than the average computer. And one of the great benefits of cloud computing is automatic backup. Cloud computing technology ensures much larger areas for data storage, so anything you save on the cloud will be saved in multiple spaces, guaranteeing that you’ll always have it around.

So does that mean you should never save anything on your physical computer? No – important things should be saved whenever and wherever they can. But now you can keep them safe and access them wherever you are. It’s kind of like taking your computer with you wherever you go, without the hassle of actually lugging around the desk top.

Microsoft cloud computing has revolutionized the way we think about data storage, the way we treat our information – the way we work and play online. When people ask "How does cloud computing work for me," they’re usually not thinking about the massive changes it’s caused in both the public and private sector. Some of the benefits of cloud computing are so subtle that we don’t even notice them – like improving the efficiency of IT responsiveness while lowering the cost. So whether you’re a business owner or a college student, there’s an application through Microsoft cloud computing that will save you time and money every time you use it.

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What To Take Into Consideration When Creating Internet-based Forms

At present, the penetration of Cloud and new technologies has urged the majority of both public and private businesses to post online forms for their web-site; primarily to present their customers with extra info on their services and products.

However, what numbers of people have made an effort to purchase a service or post an inquiry but gave in because the net-based form was just very complicated to fill out? This implies that the business concerned has not just shed a direct sale mainly because of the poorly designed form, but also a potential client and potential sales.

Luckily, by using some simple pointers when designing on-line forms, you can avert a client from going to the rival's website.

Pay attention to the design of your Internet-based forms

Obviously, it's not a good thing to get complicated, tiresome and plain forms on your perfectly designed Website. Great document management software program offers its customers various design alternatives to create good-looking, professional on and off-line forms.

Make It Easy to fill in your online forms

Usually it is dreary enough fill out an online form without having to imagine regarding each response. Thus, try presenting a list of prevalent answers for every question; hence your client just has to select the most suitable one.

The right Application

This is important to have the right tools in order to design specialized internet-based forms. Because of this, once again, make sure to use a good net-based forms design and creation software program that not merely assures high quality form designs, but also provides the option of utilizing specific post-processes for your forms, for example e-mail delivery, printing, etc.

Clear Guidelines

A high quality on-line form usually comprises a listing of guidelines that suggest the basic steps to go by and the goal of each and every step. Moreover, any entry field that could cause questions must have some clear suggestions making it easier for an individual to fill-out the field.

Put Your-self In the Prospects' Shoes

While designing net-based forms, thoughtfulness is the most prominent point. Put yourself in the customers' shoes. In several businesses, the form design activity is dependent on internal corporate procedures that don’t consider factors for example simplicity of use.

A Design That will make Sense

A simple element in form design is the utilization of colors. Rationally, white and black is truly the combination that performs best. However, you can consider utilizing other colors if perhaps they contrast sufficiently to make sure that image or text can be very easily read and seen.

Comprehensible Text

On-line forms ought to be suitable for a large public. This implies that style of language applied is required to be neutral, concise and clear, any mandatory fields must be indicated and the application of abbreviations and acronyms should be averted.

Only Important Data

When asking for specific data on the net, the corresponding sections must be shorter and very simple and merely request data that will be necessary to the process. This way, the time needed to fill-in the fields, is lowered as well as the number of doubts about how this information will be utilised.

No Repetition

A large amount of on-line forms can oblige their viewers to type in the exact same information again and again. Normally, it is mainly because this file format facilitates management of web-based queries and purchase orders. But, as recommended formerly, put yourself inside the shoes of the customers to escape causing unnecessary inconveniences that may encourage your prospective customers to turn to the rivalry.

Deliver Feedback

When a net-based form is correctly filled out and sent to your organization, the consumer must get an email verifying that form reached its target. In this instance, web-based document management system is imperative. A good computer software application allows you to send automated delivery confirmation email messages and present informative messages throughout the entire activity.

The indications above will primarily make any difference if the net-based forms are user tested before they’re loaded on to your Web-site. This is the only method to ensure that data collection is efficient and meets the goals set. In summary, a good looking and easy to complete net-based form might be, without a doubt, an entrance to a thriving company.

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